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Thanks for the fast delivery! Bandsaw blades look good & price was reasonable.


Very nice blades. Very sharp. Best price I have been able to find. Use to cut brass, slices through with no problems, cut is nice and smooth. Will be back for more when I need to replace these.

Don M.

Good quality. I would recommend this seller.


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I Want To Save!
Are these some kind of cheap knock-off blades?

They are Genuine Starrett Univerz – see for more info

How can I pay for my purchase?

PayPal (Use your regular credit card)

Do you keep my credit card information?

No. All transactions are done securely using industry-standard PayPal.

How do you ship? Will I get a tracking number?

We ship mostly via USPS (see our article about how we ship and why – click here) and you will get a tracking number

What if I want to return them? How do I do that?

Any unused blades can be returned NO QUESTIONS ASKED. We will send you a check less freight charges that we paid to send blades to you

I got the wrong blades. How do I get that corrected?

We will be responsible for all costs including freight to and from you

What’s the best saw for cutting ___________?

TPI (Teeth per Inch) is the only choice available in choosing a portaband for an application. Try to have at least 3 to 5 teeth in the workpiece at all times. For instance, if you are cutting a 1/4″ thick part you should choose an 18TPI (4.5 teeth in the work) 14 TPI (3.5  teeth in the work) 10 TPI (2.5 teeth in the work). There are 3 choices that should work in 1/4″ thick material. 10,14,18 would work best and choose the 10 for softer material and the 18 for harder material. the 14 is the mid choice. Understand the importance of TPI? Too few TPI results in breakage and too great of a TPI results in not enough gullet space for the chips produced and a dragging effect which will actually work harden the material. Portabands are cheap, so experiment with jobs and pick the TPI that works best.

What if I have other questions?

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